Albert Watson

B.B. King, Connecticut Blues Festival, 1989 © Albert Watson

Keith Richards, New York, 1988 © Albert Watson

KMick Jagger, Leopard, 1992 © Albert Watson

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4 thoughts on “Albert Watson

  1. Excellente galerie de portraits. Mais j’avoue que je bute sur le côté studio et l’éclairage artificiel qui va avec! Disons que ce n’est pas ma tasse de chasteté…Cela dit, le portrait de M. Jagger en léopard est fascinant!
    Bonne fin de soirée!

  2. Mick Jagger Biography – A Legend in Classic Rock


    Mick Jagger is one of the most well-known and highly respected musicians in the world. He is a living legend whose career has spanned 5 decades and he, with the help of his Rolling Stones band members, have sold millions of albums worldwide.

    So when did it all start? When did Mick Jagger decide he would be part of one of the most popular bands in the history of the world?

    He was born in Dartford, Kent (England) in on July 26th, 1943. Amazingly, he met Keith Richards at the tender age of 4, lost touch, then became reacquainted on a train in 1960. Mick left the London School of Economics to become a rock musician. The Rolling Stones formed between 1960 and 1962. Mick Jagger played the harmonica and was on lead vocals, Keith Richards and Brian Jones on guitar, Charlie Watts played the drums, Bill Wyman on bass. Their style was a mix of blues and rock, combining the styles of Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry.

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