La rue leur appartient

Ruth Orkin, Shoeshine Boy, Street Scene, 1948
Ruth Orkin, Shoeshine Boy, Getting a Customer, 1948
Ruth Orkin, Shoeshine Boy, Getting Paid, 1948
Louis Faurer, The Accident, Lexington Avenue, New York City, 1952
untitledHelen levitt New York City (2 kids dancing), c.1940
Helen Levitt, Spanish Harlem, New York, 30’s and 40’s
 Jumping Rope, New York 1976
William Gedney
Aaron Siskind, Boys playing with toy swords,  Harlem, New York, ca. 1930-1940
Roger Mayne, View with footballers, Southam Street series, circa 1956/61
Kids Playing Stickball in City Street