Werner Bischof

Boy, Verona, Italy, 1950

Dancer putting on her make-up, Tokyo, Japan, 1951

Dreaming, Otwock, Poland, 1948

Michiko in Town, Tokyo, Japan, 1951

Penguins and double-decker, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1950

School in the forest, Otwock, Poland, 1948

Leptchas on the way up, Sikkim, 1951

Germany. Cologne. The interior of a shattered cathedral, 1946

The Former Ballroom, Fôt, Hungary, 1947

Woman on Tracks, Jamshedpur, India, 1951

Farmer, Cambodia. 1952

The Garden of the Meji Temple, Tokyo, Japan, 1952

 The Dancer, Anjali Hora, 1951