Un seul lit pour leurs rêves (suite)

© Larry Clark, Accidental Gunshot Wound, 1971

© Wayne Miller, Migrant workers (man and woman on bed), 1949 

© Anders Petersen prison 1984 

© Bruce Davidson, Diana Ross backstage at the Apollo Theater in 1965 

© Steve Schapiro Truman Capote, Humbolt, Kansas, April 1967  

© Diane Arbus~Girl sitting in bed with her boyfriend, N.Y.C., 1966,

© Lewis Wickes Hine, Girl and sick father, c. 1908 

© Dorothea Lange Resettled farm child from Taos Junction to Bosque Farms project. New Mexico 1935 FSA 

© Emmet Gowin edith and rennie booher, danville, virginia 1971 

© Sára Saudková Cigar, 2000 

© Nan Goldin  

Un seul lit pour leurs rêves « LE CLOWN LYRIQUE (partie 1)