Esther Bubley

© Esther Bubley Foursome in the Card Room 1943

© Esther Bubley Washington, D.C.  A radio is company for this girl in her boardinghouse room.  January 1943

© Esther Bubley Washington, D.C.  Girl sitting alone in the Sea Grill, a bar and restaurant waiting for a pickup.  April 1943

© Esther Bubley, Women Gossiping in a Drugstore over Cokes. March, 1943

© Esther Bubley – Willie and Gene Bishop, newlywed farmhands, having dinner, 1945


© Esther Bubley Terminal de Estación de autobuses de Greyhound, 1947

© Esther Bubley Washington, D.C.  April 1943

© Esther Bubley Washington, D.C.  A picture-taking machine in the lobby at the United Nations service center.  January 1943

© Esther Bubley September 1943

© Esther Bubley, Washington, D.C. A worker for the American Rescue Society soliciting funds 1943

© Esther Bubley Woman cleaner at the Greyhound garage, Pittsburgh, 1943


© Esther Bubley January 1943

© Esther Bubley September 1943

© Esther Bubley April 1943


© Esther Bubley September 1943