Case study of eroticism

Helmut Newton, Vogue Studio, 1981

Helmut Newton, Self-portrait with models, Vogue Homme, Paris, 1981

Helmut Newton Studio Vogue, Paris 1981

Helmut Newton, Two Playmates, Hollywood, 1986

Helmut Newton, Self Portrait with Alice Springs and Two Models (1981)

Hugh Hefner and Carrie Leigh, by Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton 2001

Helmut Newton 2001

Adriana Giotta by Helmut Newton 2001

Adriana Giotta by Helmut Newton 2001

Adriana Giotta by Helmut Newton 2001

Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton, Jenny Kapitän, Paris 1978

Helmut Newton, Sylvia in my studio, Paris 1981

Helmut Newton, The 2 Violettas in bed, Paris 1981

Helmut Newton, Violetta Sanchez, Paris 1979

Helmut Newton, Ernesto Esposito and Frederica della Volpe, Montecatini, Italy, 1989

Helmut Newton, In my hotel room, Montecatini 1988

Helmut Newton, Woman examining man, Saint-Tropez 1975 for ‘American Vogue’

Helmut Newton, Roselyne, Arcangues, France 1974

Helmut Newton, Patti Hansen over Manhattan, 1977

Helmut Newton, Loulou de la Falaise, Hotel Pont Royal, Paris 1975

Helmut Newton, Study for voyeurism, Los Angeles 1989

Self-portrait during an electrocardiogram, Lenox Hill Hospital, New York 1973